Sep 5, 2008

The Top 5 Things I Love about the Priest Class

Ah, the first actual blog post. Before we get into more specific topics I figure that I'll tell you guys a bit about why I love the Priest class.

5. We Look Good

Out of all the gear sets in the game, Priests without a doubt have some of the smexiest. We go from having wings in our Tier 5, to sporting one of the most badass looking hood and shoulder combos in the game with our Tier 6. Unless you have just walked freshly into Outland and are forced to don a slew of mismatched greens, it's hard not to look fresh as a Priest. Heck, we even have a high level staff with a bust of a Priest on the end of it!

4. We are as Close as it Comes to a Pure Healing Class

Although some Priests might argue that we have lost our status as the "best" healer in WoW, we are still the most focused on healing. Priests are the only class in the game that has two talent trees that are focused on healing. Because of this you get more bang for your buck from the class. In the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Discipline will be viable in PvE. This gives Priests two healing trees with vastly different healing styles. No other class plays like a Priest.

3. We can be Offensive as a Healer

In arenas, Priests are the most offensive healer class. Becuase we might not have the mana efficiency of a Druid or the survivability of a Paladin, we need to get the game moving. Mana Burn is a central part of this, and we are constantly trying to attack the other team's healer(s). We also have more burst ability than a Paladin for example. Got the other team's healer blinded? Help your partner out with a Mind Blast + Shadow Word: Death combo in order to finish off your target.

2. There Aren't Alot of Us

There really aren't that many Priests running around in most realms, especially compared to Hunters or Rogues. This means that in instances you can nab some nice drops without having to compete with, say, 3 other Paladins.

Even rarer than a Priest is a good one. If you know how to play your class you will be recognized for it. A good Priest is something that most arena teams and Guilds will want (I say most arena teams because honestly in many situations a Druid outshines us).

1. Versatility

Partly due to the fact that we are the most pure healing class in the game, we are also blessed with the most versatility of all healing classes. A jack of all trades you might say. While Pallys have spam heals, Druids have HoTs, Shammys have group heals, we have everything. We are not forced to adopt one particular play style like many other classes are. We have many unique and useful tools at our disposal like Prayer of Mending and Binding Heal that other classes don't have anything like. Priests are fun to play, period. We have a trick up our sleeve for every situation, and the fun of playing a Priest is picking what to use.


Matticus said...

I have to say, I'm a huge sucker for list posts. I'll be adding this to my lists to share at some point during the week.

Torrent said...

Thanks Matt, glad you liked it.