Sep 17, 2008

Why Priests are the Best Lovers

Alright Matticus, you challenged me to make a list of why my class is the best lover, so I decided to take on the challenge!

3. We are Huggable

Ever try hugging through plate or mail? It doesn't exactly work too well. Luckily robes are nice and soft, and much easier to get out of too if you know what I mean.

2. Mind Soothe

Nothing helps settle down for a nice romantic evening than a little Mind Soothe. Gets the worries off your mind and helps you focus on your love.

1. Power Word: Fortitude

Increases Stamina by 79. Every woman loves a guy with good stamina, if you know what I mean, ahem, making for some enjoyable nights with your love.


Matticus said...

THere's got to be a fear ward joke in there somewhere. I know it.

Torrent said...

If I had had more time I probably would have worked it in, but I figured two spell jokes was enough for now.

Christian said...

Shadowguard? Duh?

We trolls come with our own protection. And it's purple. 8) Plus, you only have to renew it after every three shots.